Our fullstack developers have experience or knowledge on following technological skills:

  • Backend development skills
  • Frontend development skills
  • Middleware: ElasticSearch or OpenSearch, Message Broker (Kafka or ActiveMQ or RabitMQ…)
  • Architecture: Design patterns, Microservice, Monolithic
  • Testing: Unit test, E2E Automation Test
  • Containerization & Orchestration : Docker from 2 year, Kubernetes from 1 year
  • CI/CD pipeline: one of common tools (Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Circle CI, Argo CD,…)
  • Logging & Debugging: at least 2 years
  • Security: JWT or KeyCloak or Active Directory,…

Besides, 65% of our software engineers can communicate effectively in English. Other 35% have basic English verbal communication skills and English documents read/write skills.