Web/Cloud Application

Description: Developing a Web application for a French customer. This is a Big Data and IoT platform that allows energy performance players to take control their energy consumption. This project has been in place for more than 6 years with a peak team size of 45 people.

Technologies: AngularJS, jQuerry, Elasticsearch, Highcharts, Spring, ActiveMQ, Azure, Hadoop, Cassandra

Project management : Agile/SCRUM

Main project activities:

The goal is to build up a web-based energy management system that collects energy consumption data from millions of sensors and provides analytical results, suggestions and forecasts.

The system must be of high availability, which requires advanced design approaches:

  • Micro web service architecture
  • Real-time data collection
  • Zero service downtime

Main Achievements:

  • Since 2016, the system have been deployed at multiple sites and is processing 100 MB of real-time data sent from ~1 million sensors every day.
  • The system is able to perform the designated functionalities as specified, such as predicting the energy consumption and future budget for specific customers; benchmarking different buildings in the same sector, during the same or during different timeframes.
  • Advanced techniques such as big data processing and machine learning have been applied.
  • The project team successfully applied DevOps to the implementation process.