Software Maintenance

Description: To develop new functionalities and maintain a dental cabinet management software for an European leader software editor in Dental sector. This project has been in place for more than 14 years with an average team size of 6 people.

Technologies: C/C++, MFC,  PosgreSQL, Pervasive, X-Code, Windows, MacOS

Project management : V-Model

Main project activities :

  • The project team took over the already-developed software from customer and gradually insert more functionalities as required:
    • Patient profile management
    • X-Ray image processing & management
    • Agenda management
    • Standard payment process management (French SESAM VITAL payment regulations)
  • Most of the functionalities have to be implemented on two platforms: Windows and MacOS.
  • Perform maintenance for all versions of the software.

Main Achievements:

  • The project team successfully implemented SESAM VITAL 1.4 specification, making the customer the first to have SESAM VITAL-certified dental software in France.
  • Hundreds of functionalities have been added and are maintained on both Windows and MacOS platforms.
  • All subsequent versions of SESAM VITAL specification have been successfully maintained and certified (by CNDA – an independent certification body for such standard in France).
  • The project team completely gained the customer’s trust. The maintenance for this software product has always been in their control.