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    Front-end Developer
    Automation Tester
    05 Middle iOS Developers
    05 Middle Android Developers
    DevOps Engineers
    02 Senior iOS Developers
    02 Senior Android Developer
    Java Developer
    - Participates in daily meetings and Scrum events with the customer working in the same project
    - Provides requirement analysis
    - Implement tasks as stated in the Definition of Done such as: coding, unit testing, review, and E2E testing related to Front-end.

    - At least 5+ years of experience working with Web application development (ReactJS/Angular/VueJS, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS...)
    - Familiar with Frontend developement framework such as ReactJS/Angular and related libraries,...
    - Has experience with MaterialUI/ NextUI/ Ag-grid / Tabulator,...
    - Good understanding of object-oriented programming, JavaScript, TypeScript, design pattern, microfrontend architectural design pattern, principles of development (e.g. SOLID, DRY, KISS...), microservice architecture, webpack
    - Ability to communicate verbally in English

    - Salary: 32M – 46M/month
    - Salary package: 13 months of income per year
    - OT compensation: up to 400%
    - Free account Udemy
    - Bonus Bao Viet insurance when becoming an official employee
    - Bonus on birthday, New Year’s Eve, 30/4&1/5, 2/9: 500.000VND
    - Child benefit: 500.000 VND per month (from the age of 7 to 24 months old)
    - Shopping or travel voucher 5.000.000VND for official employees who have been working for more than a year and obtain excellent performance review
    - Annual teambuilding: summer trip, many indoor and outdoor activities such as yoga club, soccer club, swimming club,…
    - Professional and dynamic working environment
    - Full insurance package which is compliant with Labor law
    - 12 annual leaves per year
    - Working time: 08:45 AM – 12:15 PM , 01:30 PM – 06:00 PM, from Monday to Friday. Employees have two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday).
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